Popular rapper injured during rolling shootout at Atlantic Station

ATLANTA — Channel 2 Action News has learned a well-known rapper was injured during a rolling shootout at Atlantic Station.

Channel 2′s Michael Seiden learned that Kenneth Green, 24, a.k.a. Kenny Muney, from Memphis, was in a Mercedes SUV on Monday when someone started shooting at him as he drove from the main part of Atlantic Station along Market Street. It ended a short distance later on 17th Street.

When Channel 2 Action News got to the scene where the incident ended on Monday, Green’s SUV had multiple bullet holes in it, including one that went through the driver’s side windshield. The driver’s side window was also blown out.

A witness said he drove up on the incident in time to hear several pops and see the flashes from the gunfire.


“It was really, like, loud. Big popping noises. Very quick. Very, very quick. The guy was just going off really fast. So I actually thought it was my engine popping. So I was worried that my car was going to explode. I look forward, I see guys hopping out of car, like stuff going on, and pops and lights and stuff,” the witness said.

Police said Green had non-life-threatening injuries. He has since been released from the hospital.

Investigators are still searching for the shooter in the other car. We are still working to learn why Green was targeted.

Police said another victim in a RAV 4 got caught in the gunfire. The woman’s SUV had at least two bullet holes in the hood. The vehicle was also sideswiped by another during the incident.