• Police install new cameras in Buckhead

    By: Justin Wilfon


    ATLANTA - Atlanta police are in the process of installing 50 new cameras to keep an eye on crime in Buckhead.

    The cameras will watch over people in various parts of the neighborhood.

    “Police can’t be everywhere, so at least if they have that, they might be able to see something before it happens or when it’s happening,” said Gilbert White, who works in Buckhead.

    Thirty of the cameras will read the license plates of cars, looking for stolen cars or people wanted on warrants.

    “So within seconds, the police department is notified that a vehicle has passed that has something wrong with it,” said Buckhead Community Improvement District Executive Director Jim Durrett.


    The other 20 cameras can be controlled by APD, allowing officers to zoom in on any kind of crime as it happens.

    Some people wonder if there needs to be more human help, in addition to the technology.

    “I would like to see more police activity, especially around the park, early in the morning,” said Ethel Dorestant, who also works in Buckhead.

    The Buckhead Community Improvement District paid more than $700,000 for the cameras.

    All of the cameras should be installed by June.

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