ALERT: Neighbors warn stranger may be spying through their windows

ATLANTA — Neighbors in a midtown community are warning each other to stay alert and be careful after at least two neighbors posted on the NextDoor app about seeing a strange man peeping into people's windows.

In one case, a victim posted she believes the man scaled the side of the building to reach her second-floor bathroom.

"It definitely makes me feel uncomfortable. We don't always have our windows closed at night, and being so close to the street makes me a little bit worried,” neighbor Jaime Randle said.

A day earlier, another neighbor a few blocks away on Myrtle Street posted about a very similar situation, saying he went out for a smoke and saw a man looking into his neighbor's windows.

“It definitely surprises me. The area feels pretty safe,” Randle said.

It’s unclear whether the cases are connected or exactly what the intentions were in either instance.


The Atlanta Police Department said it is aware of both the posts and has shifted more police resources into the area.

"It’s a little creepy,” said Tom Roseburry, who lives off Myrtle.

Roseburry said he's getting to be more active on the neighborhood apps, especially when he hears about reports like this.

“It’s certainly something that you want as a neighborhood. Hopefully we can come together and look out for each other,” Roseburry said.

The Midtown Neighbors Association is also well aware of the posts and is working with police and is asking residents with safety concerns to call 911.