Neighbors on edge after drive-by shooting left one man dead, another person injured

ATLANTA — Neighbors are on edge after a deadly drive-by shooting that left homes and cars riddled with bullets.

Bullets started to fly outside the Fairburn-Gordon Apartments around 9:45 p.m. Monday.

Channel 2′s Audrey Washington spoke with a witness who believes that the man killed in the incident was not the intended target, just a bystander who got caught in the gunfire.

At first, Michelle Moore said she thought she heard fireworks but then realized the loud pops were gunshots.

“How many shots did you hear?” Washington asked Moore.

“Oh, multiple. Maybe 10 to 20. It was a lot,” Moore said.

Atlanta police say a car pulled up to the apartments on Fairburn Road Monday night and someone inside took out a gun and opened fire.

“I stepped out, and there was chaos out here,” Moore said.


She told Washington that she ran out of her apartment only to find her neighbor dead.

“Didn’t bother anyone. He was kind of an older person, so he was an innocent bystander who got shot and killed,” Moore said.

Atlanta police say a bullet hit another person. That woman survived.

Bullets from the drive-by also crashed through the walls of an apartment, but no one inside was hurt.

“There’s always shooting out there. It’s sad, but this is on the regular,” Moore said.

“Aren’t you concerned about that?” Washington asked Moore.

“We’re always concerned,” Moore said.

Tuesday, Washington walked around the apartment complex and found police tape.

Channel 2 Action News also spotted some cars with shattered windows and other damage.

Late Tuesday afternoon, police told Washington they are still looking for the shooter and the car involved.

Monday’s deadly shooting was just one of a number of shootings that happened in the metro Atlanta area over the Memorial Day weekend.

Moore said she plans to move next month.

“(I’m) out of here, next month. I can’t do this. I have kids,” Moore said.

Police said they are working to get a good description of the car used in the drive-by and hope to release those details soon.

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