Live flies and gnats: Little Caesars fails recent health inspection

ATLANTA — UPDATE: The restaurant received a 91 upon reinspection.


Live flies and gnats contributed to a pizza chain in Southwest Atlanta failing a health inspection.

It is Little Caesars Pizza on Cleveland Avenue. It is the second time the restaurant failed in six months.

In March, that Little Caesars got a score of 66. It got 98 on the reinspection but has now failed again.

Little Caesars Pizza is the third largest pizza chain the county.

This location at 954 Cleveland Avenue failed a health inspection Sept. 12 with a score of 51.

Customer Edmond Lee, who works near there, told Channel 2 Action News he goes there almost every day to get something and has never had a problem.

Violations included observed no employee washing hands, including the person making the pizza dough, no soap in the employee restroom and flies, gnats and ants.

The current score of 51 is supposed to be posted in the restaurant. The failing health inspection was done on Thursday and Channel 2's Carol Sbarge noticed when she went there today they still had the old score posted.


Sbarge went to the Little Caesar's on Cleveland Avenue to ask about why the current score wasn't posted and what they've done about the violations.  A regional manager told her they had no comment.

The health inspector did tell the staff the exit door doesn't close properly and needed to be fixed to keep insects out.

We'll keep you updated on how they do on their reinspection.