Killer says he was helping homeless man by killing him

ATLANTA — A man who has plead guilty to four murders in metro Atlanta in 2014 angered the family of one his victims with comments he made after accepting his final plea deal.

Aeman Presley plead guilty Friday in Fulton County to murdering two homeless Atlanta men,

Dorian Jenkins and Tommy Mims, while they slept in 2014.

Presley's plea deal on Friday carries a life sentence but will ensure he does not get the death penalty. He was already serving two life sentences for two separate murders.

Presley has said he believes he should be found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Presley has already plead guilty to the 2014 DeKalb County murders of Karen Pearce, a hair stylist from Smyrna, and Calvin Gholston, who was homeless.

After accepting the deal, Presley suggested he thought he was helping Gholston.

"I thought that maybe he would be in a better place than to be homeless or on drugs," Presley said, addressing the court.


Police say that Gholston was Presley's first victim. His family was in court, as they they had hoped Presley would be sentenced to death.

"He's a punk coward," Patricia Green, Gholston's sister said after the court proceeding. "I hope and pray to God that when he gets in jail, somebody will find him and kill him too."

Gholston's brother said that the sentence will bring his family closure, but Presley's comments did nothing but infuriate him.

"It took everything in my bones not to get out of my seat and go and attack that man," Cedric Gholston said. "That was just horrible. That was just something that he just made up."