Judge sets deadline for DA to respond to Trump’s request to have special grand jury report quashed

ATLANTA — A Fulton County judge has given the District Attorney’s Office until May 1 to respond to a motion filed by former President Donald Trump’s legal team asking that the release of the report by the special purpose grand jury looking into election tampering in the 2020 presidential election be quashed.

The motion filed last week, which is 483 pages long, said the former president doesn’t think a special purpose grand jury, the district attorney, or the judge overseeing it were fair.

The grand jury finished its report in January and, though we can’t see the whole report yet, it appears to call for multiple indictments.

But before any of that has happened, Trump’s attorneys are attacking the very notion of a special grand jury and want anything produced by it tossed out.


They want the judge and DA kicked off the case.

“The Fulton County DA’s Office must be recused, disqualified, and prevented from any further investigation or prosecution of this matter,” the motion said.

On Monday, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney issued an order telling the DA’s office to file its response to that motion by May 1.

“That response, beyond addressing the various contentions in the former President’s motion, should also include an opinion on whether the motion requires a hearing for proper resolution,” the order said.

All of this comes as the former president recently posted that he expects to be indicted by a grand jury and arrested in New York City over alleged hush money payments to former adult entertainment actress Stormy Daniels.