Husband files suit against hospital after SUV crashes through ER entrance, killing wife

ATLANTA — A man says his wife did not have to die in a horrible crash when a car drove into Piedmont Atlanta Hospital.

Frederick Hill told Channel 2′s Tom Jones that his wife Kimberly was there to drop off her mother when another driver drove through the building.

“You know how me and my wife used to joke with each other? She likes the Falcons and I like the Seahawks,” Hill said. “I cry every night. About to cry now but trying to hold it.”

Video from June 30 shows Kimberly Hill and her siblings dropping their mother off at the hospital's emergency room entrance. An SUV suddenly slammed into her car and then hit her before crashing into the lobby.

Hill has now filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the hospital.

"I want answers," Hill said. "If Piedmont had better safety stuff around it my wife would still be here."


Hill and his attorneys say the hospital had no barriers, or what's called bollards, in front of the hospital entrance.

“If Piedmont had those bollards there, the collision stops right there,” attorney Darl Champion said.

Piedmont Hospital said it doesn't comment on pending claims.

Attorney Jackie Patterson said Piedmont should save his client more agony.

“We will never be able to bring his wife back. But Piedmont must do the right thing and settle this case,” Patterson said.

Hill said his mother-in-law is having an even more difficult time than he is.

“She’s feeling some type of way because she was helping her,” Hill said.

Police have not charged the 75-year-old woman who crashed into the building.

Hill's lawsuit does not ask for a specific amount of damages.

The hospital also said it would like to continue to express its deepest sympathies to everyone impacted by this accident and its aftermath.