“It hit him like a ton of bricks,” Freddie Freeman’s wife says of his COVID-19 diagnosis

ATLANTA — Braves star Freddie Freeman's wife is urging people to take coronavirus seriously after her husband's diagnosis of COVID-19.

Freeman was one of four Braves players to test positive, the team announced Saturday.

Manager Brian Snitker told reporters that Freddie Freeman, Will Smith, Touki Toussiant and Pete Kozma all have the virus. Only Freeman and Kozma have symptoms.

Chelsea Freeman posted on Instagram Saturday, saying her husband has had body aches, chills, headaches and a high fever since Thursday. The Allstar first baseman is 30 years old.

"He is someone who literally never gets sick, and this virus hit him like a ton of bricks," Freeman said.

She goes on to say that her family has been strictly social distancing for the last four months.

"Haven't gone to a grocery story, haven't gone out to dinner once, haven't seen our friends and only allowed family at our house and we still got it," Chelsea Freeman wrote. "Please take this virus seriously, wear a mask when in public and wash your hands frequently."

Freeman said the rest of her family, including the couple's son Charlie, are OK and thanks everyone for their support and prayers.

Snitker said the team did all their intake testing Friday and they will conduct follow-up testing.

MLB and MLBPA have not identified players who tested positive, but the players gave consent for the team to release their names.

“I applaud Freddie, Will and all those guys for allowing me to say their names out here. It’s a good thing in our industry and shows other players that this is real. This virus is real,” Snitker said. “It’s something we have to be aware of and something that is serious if we’re going to continue on and play our game.”