Georgia GOP Chairman publicly calls on First Vice Chairman to resign after voting illegally 9 times

ATLANTA — Last week, Channel 2 Action News reported that Georgia’s first GOP Vice Chairman was found to have voted illegally nine times in the state. Now, the state GOP Chairman is calling on him to resign.

The findings on Vice Chairman Brian K. Pritchard’s actions were made public in a series of court records from the Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings.

The court found Pritchard had illegally voted nine times after registering as a voter in 2008, affirming that he was not serving a felony sentence.

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The OSAH found that his affirmation to that effect was false and that he’d been serving a felony probation sentence that had been continually renewed year after year dating back to a 1996 conviction for felony check forgery.

The court proceedings followed complaints that Pritchard was not legally allowed to vote in Georgia, and as previously reported by Channel 2 Action News, an investigation by the State Board of Elections which started in 2021.

The felonies occurred while Pritchard lived in Allegheny County, Penn.


When the OSAH court ruling came, U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called for Pritchard to resign his position, which he’d been elected to in 2023, citing the Republican Party’s status as the party of election integrity.

According to Georgia GOP Chairman Josh McKoon, a former state senator from Columbus, he called on Pritchard to resign during a meeting of the Georgia GOP’s State Executive Committee on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, McKoon said he was making that call public, for what he said were simple reasons in an online post.

“I ran on two campaign commitments — electing our Republican nominee for President and ending the prosecutorial ‘witch hunt’ against our Republican Presidential Electors,” McKoon wrote in a statement. “The judicial finding that our First Vice Chairman registered to vote illegally and voted illegally nine times makes it harder to accomplish both of these goals.”

Calling on Pritchard to resign, McKoon added that by doing so, the First Vice Chairman would allow the Georgia GOP to “focus all of our time, attention and resources on electing President Trump and ending the evil Willis prosecution.”

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