GA takes national spotlight as potential Kemp, Abrams rematch arises in 2022 governor’s race

ATLANTA — Georgia politics are back in the national spotlight over the potential rematch in next year’s race for governor.

Channel 2 political reporter Richard Elliot caught up with Stacey Abrams and Gov. Brian Kemp on Thursday to ask how they will move the state forward.

Boiled down, Kemp said he will run on his record over the past three years. Abrams said she believes she can run against that record and show Georgia why her way is better.

“I believe in Georgia,” Abrams said. “In this state, I’ve watched communities fight back against pandemics, against storms, but they’re also fighting back against a government that’s not paying attention to its needs. I want to be governor because I want to lead the state forward.”

Kemp beat Abrams by roughly 54,000 votes three years ago, and he thinks he can beat her again.

“It’s why I’ve been working so hard on our fundraising, having a record first quarter,” Kemp said. “Going to be a record second quarter. We’re just going to be in the fight and looking forward to it.”

Kemp said he’s proud of his record as governor, and how the state and the state’s economy weathered the pandemic. He plans to remind voters of that.


“I believe that when they understand that, I will be reelected as the next governor, and we’ll continue to have Georgia to be the best state in the country to live, work, and raise our families, which I believe it is,” Kemp said.

But Abrams plans to remind voters of that record, too. She thinks Kemp’s pandemic response and refusal to expand Medicaid hurt the state and rural Georgia’s economy. She said she would expand Medicaid on day 1.

“They want to get the good, but they don’t want to do the hard. And we need leadership willing to do the hard work, and that’s why I’m running for governor,” Abrams said.

The other Republican candidate in this race is former DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones.

In a statement, he said Abrams would “introduce the same failed liberal agenda in Georgia that is hurting Americans in every corner of the country.”