Former employee says Fulton County DA’s office misused federal funds in Trump investigation

ATLANTA — A former employee testified Thursday that the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office may have misused some federal money in a youth program but provided no direct evidence that Fani Willis misused money allotted to prosecute former President Donald Trump.

Republicans say it shows Willis may have improperly used federal grant money. Democrats say it had nothing to do with Willis’ handling of the Trump prosecution.

Channel 2′s Richard Elliot was inside the hearing where there were sharp exchanges between Democratic state Sen. Harold Jones and the attorney for alleged whistleblower Amanda Timpson.

Timpson claims Willis fired her after she warned of improprieties within two youth programs and a possible misuse of federal grant money.

Afterward, Jones said her testimony had nothing to do with the special Senate committee’s investigation to misconduct surrounding the prosecution of Trump.


“What role did she have as far as the trump investigation is concerned? Absolutely nothing. What role did she have as far as hiring Nathan Wade? Absolutely nothing,” Jones told Elliot.

In a statement, the DA’s office said “Ms. Timpson’s claims of wrongdoing by this office are untrue. We are not surprised that ms. Timpson’s lies have found their way to Sen. Cowsert.”

Athens Republican state Sen. Bill Cowsert is leading the investigation into allegations of misconduct surrounding Willis and her relationship with now-former special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Cowsert has threatened Willis with a subpoena to come testify.

Willis rejected it saying the committee doesn’t have the legal authority to call her as a witness.

Cowsert took exception to that.

“She said as recently as this morning that nobody is above the law. She said that out of one side of her mouth, and out of the other side she’s saying I’m above the law,” Cowsert told Elliot.


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