EXCLUSIVE: New Channel 2 poll shows Andre Dickens taking lead in mayor’s race

ATLANTA — A major shake-up in the race to become Atlanta’s next mayor.

In the latest Channel 2 Action News / Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll, Andre Dickens now leads Felicia Moore.

This comes as the election runoff is just over a week away.

Dickens now leads Moore by 5.3%.

Our exclusive poll with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was made up of 802 likely mayoral voters.

Dickens is currently riding a wave of endorsements from current and former mayors to six city council members.

“I have six council members. My opponent has none and I’m super excited that the people that have worked with me for years are saying they would like to work with me as mayor and council,” Dickens said.

Moore has her endorsements as well including Monday’s announcement of the Police Benevolent Association and NACA.

“I’m happy to have that also recently added NACA. You know, they’re big housing advocate group. That really helps people get affordable housing and I’m proud to have their endorsement as well,” Moore said.


What seems clear, according to the poll, is that Dickens has picked up the supporters of Kasim Reed, Sharon Gay and nearly all of the supporters from the other candidates who didn’t make it through in the general election to the runoff.

Moore and Dickens say it’s all about turnout.

“Know every time I’m going to voters, I’m asking them when is the election and they don’t know. I’m informing them and informing them that they have until Wednesday the 24th for early voting and many people don’t know the deadlines. And so that’s one thing that we’re doing, and we’re reaching out in all the ways that campaigns will reach out to our voters to make sure that they know to get back to the polls,” Moore said.

“Right now, we’re in a runoff that’s happening during Thanksgiving, a holiday weekend. So it’s difficult right now to really express how important it is to go out and vote,” Dickens said.

Our poll also showed by a wide margin in every demographic, that crime is the issue on people’s minds.

You still have Tuesday and Wednesday to vote early from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The runoff election is on Tuesday, Nov. 30.


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