Driver shot in head, cyclist hit by truck in random shooting near mall

ATLANTA — A stray bullet hit the driver of a pickup truck, causing him to crash into a person on a bicycle.

Police said the incident happened Thursday night when someone fired shots in Atlanta’s West End.

Investigators said it started when three men were seen arguing. Two went into a store while the third stayed outside and drew a gun.

Authorities aren’t sure if the gunman fired the gun for warning shots or for intimidation, but one bullet hit a driver in the back of the head about a block down on Ralph David Abernathy Road.

His truck kept going, took out two light poles, went up on the sidewalk, where it hit a man, and finally came to a stop, hitting the door of a salon, police said.


“It was a lot of gunshots, maybe 10. It was crazy, crazy,” witness Joe Chou said.

Chou was working inside the Hong Kong City Chinese restaurant when he heard the gunshots and witnessed the unimaginable.

“I (saw) blood. Somebody got hurt,” Chou said.

Both the driver and the man on the sidewalk survived. The shooting victim is in critical condition, but is stable, police said.

Police are still looking for the shooter.

“It does appear the motorist was just an unfortunate victim of the circumstances,” Capt. Andrew Senzer, with the Atlanta Police Department, said. “(The shooter) fired shots, wasn’t even looking in the direction that the weapon was pointing.”