Dragon Con goes virtual with plans to make big comeback next year

ATLANTA — Dragon Con, Atlanta’s huge annual gathering of heroes and villains is adapting this year because of COVID.

The Con is still on, just not in person.

Channel 2′s Berndt Petersen was in Midtown, where convention-goers are in front of their computers.

Dragon Con organizers said there was just no way to safely socially distance 90,000 people and make them all wear masks (even though almost everyone who attends has a mask on).

But it’s a big loss for the city: The economic impact would have been north of $80,000.

Dragon Con Director of Media Engagement Dan Carroll said the event is definitely not the same this year, but it was easy to pivot. The event has been streaming online for years.


“One of the great things is that we tend to be rather geeky,” Carroll said Part of the geeky world involves that technology.”

Carroll said the super heroes and villains are making the best of it this year and next year, the con will be back and better than ever.

“It’s going to be epic, because there will be so much excitement to meet together face-to-face,” Carroll said. “By the grace of medical authorities -- and God -- we’ll be able to hug each other and welcome each other to Dragon Con next year.”