Despite conviction, independent voters will decide Trump/Biden race in Georgia

ATLANTA — Following former President Donald Trump’s conviction in New York, it brings up the question of how it will impact the 2024 election.

President Joe Biden and Trump are expected to debate here in Atlanta next month in the first presidential debate of the race.

Political analyst Bill Crane says regardless of Trump’s conviction, it will come down to independent voters as to who wins November’s presidential election.

“Independent, nonaligned Libertarian voters that are in the center have been saying for months felony convictions would matter to them. We don’t know how many of them there are. But certainly, some of them will be backing away from Donald Trump,” Crane said.

Crane said Thursday’s conviction gives Democrats more ammo against Trump.


“There’s a little bit of celebration and dancing going on in Democratic Party circles. But they also know that he still can run for president even if convicted on appeal. And it doesn’t change the dynamics of the election other than give them 34 felony convictions to club President Trump over the head with,” Crane said.

But Republicans are also using the conviction to rally their base as well.

“They’re saying both that they’re raising money $65 million in new contributions to the RNC in his campaign in the month of March, and that the judicial system is being weaponized by Joe Biden his campaign, and in this case, New York State against a former president,” Crane said.

Either way, the conviction trial is going to energize both camps.

“It’s a base election, and it’s basically going to energize the extreme elements of both parties, leaving a lot of voters in the middle left too with a choice that they don’t find tenable on either side,” Crane said.


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