• Community honors slain store owner

    By: Matt Johnson


    ATLANTA - A southwest Atlanta community held a vigil Wednesday night for a business owner shot and killed Sunday night.


    Atlanta police are still looking for the killer who shot the victim and another person. 

    "Nobody would have never wished that upon that man," said neighbor Shawn Walton.

    Police say two people approached 36-year-old Saiful Bhuyia in his car at around 9:00 p.m. after he closed his business.

    According to authorities, they shot and killed him and critically injured an employee who was with him.

    "They were standup people and they took a risk to be here and we're grateful for that risk they took," Walton said.

    The vigil brought back memories from July 2010 when police say a robber stabbed the previous owner to death.

    The store is next door to Magnes Jones Elementary School.

    "We need something better around this community for our children," said Atlanta City Councilmember Cleta Winslow.

    Winslow told Channel 2's Matt Johnson she would support a plan to close the store down.

    "It's not that the store is bad, the people that were running the store were bad, that's not it. Sometimes you need to bring in a new element," Winslow said.

    Members of the community said they need help cleaning up their neighborhood by first catching the gunman.

    "For somebody to take their life away so carelessly, recklessly, when they're providing a direct service to us is an abomination and must stop," Walton said.


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