Co-defendant in election interference case says she won’t support Trump over ‘malignant’ narcissism

ATLANTA — Jenna Ellis, who was an attorney for former President Donald Trump and is a co-defendant in the Georgia election interference investigation, says she will not support Trump in his latest bid for the White House.

During a recent episode of her podcast, Ellis said she could support the former president over his “narcissistic” tendencies.

“I simply can’t support him for elected office again,” Ellis said on her show. “Why I have chosen to distance is because of that frankly malignant narcissistic tendency to simply say that he’s never done anything wrong.”

Ellis served as one of Trump’s campaign attorneys during the 2020 election. She, along with Trump and 17 others, were indicted last month by a Fulton County grand jury over allegations they conspired to overturn the 2020 election here in Georgia.

Ellis is currently charged with racketeering and asking public officials to violate their oath of office. She has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Shortly following the 2020 election, Ellis was part of a group of attorneys who went before a Georgia Senate committee that pushed election conspiracies that were found to be unfounded by state and federal officials.


The team tried to convince legislatures in seven key battleground states, including Georgia, that there had been so much voter fraud they had the constitutional authority to overturn the election and select their own slate of Republican electors.

It was at that hearing that Trump’s Georgia attorney Ray Smith testified that more than 130,000 people voted illegally here -- something multiple state and federal investigations proved just wasn’t true.

“2,506 felons voted illegally in Georgia,” Smith said. “10,315 or more individuals voted who were deceased by the time of the election. 15,700 to vote in Georgia who filed a national change of address form with the Postal Service prior to Nov. 3, 2020.”

The Jan. 6 Commission said Ellis was one of the architects of the scheme to convince then-Vice President Mike Pence to toss out the legally certified Democratic electors from those battleground states on Jan. 6 and instead count the Republican false electors, thereby throwing the election to Trump.

Ellis said during the podcast that despite her good relationship with the former president, she won’t vote for him.

“I know him well, as a friend, as a former boss, I have great love and respect for him personally,” Ellis said. “I simply can’t support him for elected office again.”