Bernice King says family will ‘keep moving forward’ as they honor passing of brother Dexter

ATLANTA — Just one day after the King family announced the death of Dexter Scott King, 62, Channel 2′s Karyn Greer spoke one-on-one with his sister, Dr. Bernice King, about the family’s loss.

King said she was happy that they were able to mend past differences to become a loving family once again before Dexter’s passing.

She told Greer that she felt off all day before her brother’s passing after a three-and-a-half-year battle with prostate cancer.

“All day Sunday, I was feeling very out of sorts. I was like … I just wasn’t feeling right. And I think that was a sign of God kind of getting me ready,” King said.

King said she spoke to her brothers about ways to improve their health.

“We talk about them being tested, but it’s a mindset. It’s a mindset of making sure that I’m taking care of my health and wellness. You know, as an adult male, you know, there are things that I have to do when I’m in my 20s or 30s,” King said.


Bernice King also told Greer that she was happy that she and Dexter were back on great terms after their very public legal feud in 2015.

She said she spent time with him at his home in California in November and had just talked to him five days before his death.

King said her “sister-in-love” Leah called her with the news of Dexter’s passing and had a special message from her brother.

“‘Make sure you tell Bernice that her mother and father are proud of her.’ When she said that to me, I knew he had had an encounter. Because he didn’t say ‘I think. I believe.’ I think he saw them, and they wanted to convey a message, and so I’m carrying that in my heart. And I’m going to keep moving forward and fulfill his wishes and some of the things we talked about behind the scenes. We’re going to move forward,” King said.

King said Dexter was cremated on Monday. In lieu of flowers, the family is asking people to make donations to the King Center so they can continue their mission and her parents work toward nonviolence.


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