Mayor, governor urging Georgians to wear masks as state sees spike of COVID-19 cases

ATLANTA — The city of Atlanta sent out a mass text alert Wednesday urging people to wear a mask.

The message said: "COVID-19 is still a threat to our communities and we are experiencing an all-time high in cases. Please wear a mask."

[SPECIAL SECTION: Coronavirus in Georgia]

The alert comes as coronavirus numbers have started to spike again across Georgia.

In an online message to Georgians, Gov. Brian Kemp also urged people to wear masks and continue social distancing.

“Georgia continues to make solid progress in the fight against COVID-19,” Kemp said. “While I’m proud of our steps and measured steps what we cannot grow complacent. This virus is deadly around our great state.”

Also concerned about the reasons for the spike in the number of positive coronavirus cases in Georgia, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms stressed online that the most unselfish thing people can do is wear a mask.

Doctors say wearing a mask is critical, especially among young people who are seeing the biggest increase right now in positive cases.

“It’s not just for them. It’s for every other person in the community. It’s for their family, for their grandparents and for their friends who may be vulnerable,” said Dr. Danny Branstetter with Wellstar Health System.

Branstetter said while coronavirus cases in hospitals are down in metro Atlanta, he's concerned about what could happen in the coming weeks as cases have been steadily increasing.


“First thing we’ll see is number of cases followed by days, maybe a couple weeks, we would expect to see the rise in death rate,” Branstetter said.

Kemp said hospitals have capacity and encourages people not to put off other medical issues they need addressed.

Some people say they don’t like masks because they’re uncomfortable.

Branstetter said there’s a lot of different types out there, so find something that is comfortable to you as long as it is a face covering.

Georgia has 69,381 confirmed cases and more than 10,000 hospitalizations. Nearly 2,700 people have died across the state. For the latest COVID and testing numbers in Georgia click here.