Atlanta mayor accepts several resignations in major shakeup of her cabinet

ATLANTA — Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced Friday that she accepted resignations from several of her cabinet members, including the fire chief and airport general manager.

Earlier this month, Bottoms asked her entire cabinet to turn in their resignation letters. She said at the time that she would make decisions in the coming weeks.

“We needed a fresh look at our leadership as a whole,” Bottoms said. “This is the right opportunity for us to reassess where we are.”

On Friday, Bottoms sent out a statement saying 20 cabinet members will be "transitioning."

"As previously announced, national searches are currently underway to fill the following roles:

• Aviation General Manager
• Fire Chief
• Chief Procurement Officer
• Commissioner of Human Resources
• Chief Information Officer
• Chief Education Officer

(NOTE: Bottoms said the people in these positions will have the opportunity to reapply for them.)

"In addition to these searches, the following Cabinet members will transition externally, and will be backfilled over the next few months:

• Jim Beard, Chief Financial Officer 
• Jeremy Berry, City Attorney 
•Catherine Buell, President and CEO, Atlanta Housing Authority 
• Faye DiMassimo, Renew Atlanta General Manager
• Amy Phuong, Commissioner Parks and Recreation 
• Stephanie Stuckey, Chief Resilience Officer 
• Anne Torres, Communications Director

"Separately, Melissa Mullinax, Senior Policy Advisor and Janquell Peters, Chief Service Officer will transition into different roles within the City," Bottoms wrote in the statement.

Bottoms says in the weeks ahead, she will finalize new roles under a refreshed organizational chart.

"Today’s announcement marks the transition of nearly 20 Cabinet members. I will continue to assess the breadth of skills, experiences and leadership traits needed to complete my leadership team, and will announce my nominations to fill these and other positions in the coming months. I am excited about the successes that lie ahead, and appreciate the service of these individuals to the City."

City of Atlanta attorney Jeremy Berry released the following statement on Twitter Friday afternoon: