Atlanta apartments sprayed with bullets in 'targeted' attack, police say

ATLANTA — Neighbors are very concerned after four shootings at the same southwest Atlanta apartment complex.

Three of those shootings happened in the last month and have triggered two homicide investigations.

Channel 2's Steve Gehlbach talked to one witness from Tuesday morning's shooting, who thinks the various incidents of violence on Landrum Drive are connected.

Sir Preston said he was visiting one building when he started hearing gunshots.

"We counted (four shots) and everybody scattered," Preston said.

Investigators said witnesses saw two cars speed off following the shots, but luckily, everyone in the complex is OK

Atlanta police are very familiar with the complex.


Five young men were shot outside another building in April. One of them was killed. Then just two weeks ago, Ralph Burras, 21, died of multiple gunshots after a shooting in the parking lot at the same complex.

Investigators will only say that Tuesday morning's shooting was targeted but would not confirm if it's connected to the most recent murder, or in retaliation for anything.

A witness thinks they're likely connected over drugs and money.

"There was a group of men out here, and they were arguing. But we went in because we already knew probably what was about to happen. And soon as we went in, it happened," Preston said.

This time, no one was hurt, just like nearly one month ago, when bullets were fired into another apartment and barely missed two sisters and an 8-year-old girl.

"I was scared at first. I really thought I was dead. I'm not going to lie. I really thought I was dead," victim Netta Favors said.

They think someone shot up their apartment, mistaking it for another.

So far, Atlanta police have not released any information on possible suspects in any of the shootings or homicides.