Actor says he was attacked by popular rapper's entourage after confrontation

ATLANTA — An actor says the bruises on his face are the result of a run-in at a Buckhead bar between him and a popular rapper.

He said he was attacked after he left the bar, but later ran into the rapper and his bodyguards.

“I never laid a finger on him,” actor Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez said, still fuming over his heated encounter with rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

The TV actor, who recently appeared in the hit TV show "Power," shared photos of his injury with Channel 2's Michael Seiden on Sunday.

He claims members of the rapper's entourage assaulted him after they crossed paths with each other at the Twin Peaks bar and restaurant along Piedmont Road Friday night.

“He’s a coward for having his goons jump me," Rodriguez said.

He said he was in town shooting a new TV show when he decided to share his opinion with Kelly.


“I was on my way to the bathroom. He’s seated right next to me," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez told Seiden he's had an issue with Kelly ever since the rapper started a fight with Eminem in 2012 when Kelly sent a controversial tweet about Eminem's daughter, who was 16 at the time.

“As a father, I understand that you guys are beefing. Rappers beef all the time and go back and forth, but as a father I got to tell you, when you bring family into the beef and you speak on children and his wife, it’s really cowardly," Rodriguez told Seiden.

Rodriguez said the manager kicked him out after he approached Kelly for a second time.

According to a police report, Rodriguez left the restaurant and eventually returned to his hotel.

That's where he said five members of Kelly’s entourage assaulted him in the lobby.

“I’m pissed off,” Rodriguez said.

Now, the father of three said he's prepared to sue.

“I will drop my lawsuit, everything goes away if he signs a waiver and he meets me in the ring. Whatever rules he wants to use -- MMA rules -- whatever. I will drop it all if he meets me one-on-one,” Rodriguez said.

Machine Gun Kelly's team hasn't returned Seiden’s calls.

According to a police report, the rapper's friend told police Rodriguez started the fight.

Investigators say surveillance video showed the men chasing after Rodriguez before assaulting him in the hotel lobby.

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