Atlanta nonprofit facing eviction after more than 20 years of service due to lack of funding

ATLANTA — Eric Merriweather with the nonprofit African American Association of USA in Southwest Atlanta said he tried very hard to keep his organization open but time is running out.

“Today, was the last day for the landlord to even get it paid before they send it to the attorney for eviction,” said Merriweather. “We have to get the money for the lights as well because we’re behind on that.”

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For 21 years, he’s provided food, clothing, and hygiene supplies to more than 21,000 families for free.

This year alone, the organization helped about 7,000 families.

“They may have one paycheck coming into the household that goes toward bills per se and they don’t have the ability to get food or personal hygiene products,” said Merriweather.

Recently, he gave away as many turkeys as he could to needy families. He’s preparing to give out the rest of his supplies inside the warehouse.

So roughly there are about 100 boxes full of clothing items and food. He told Channel 2′s Larry Spruill on Monday that, normally he serves low-income families but lately, there’s been a change.

“We’re finding that a lot of middle-class people are coming to get food,” said Merriweather.

Merriweather said after COVID, his sponsors stopped giving to save money.

“We’re not getting the funding like we used to,” said Merriweather.


And in 2022, he suffered a stroke.

Now, the organization that helped thousands of families over the last two decades needs help.

“I would say $100,000 would be the total number. That would help with the rent. That would help with the transportation to get the food here. That would help with the utilities,” said Merriweather.

If you want to help e-mail the organization at emerriweather@theaaausa.org or visit the website.

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Larry Spruill

Larry Spruill, WSB-TV

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