Atlanta man says he was carjacked while delivering supplies to homeless people

ATLANTA — Marshall Rancifer spends most of his time on the streets of Atlanta, helping people who remind him of himself.

“26 years ago I was one of the addicts on the street over here,” said Rancifer. “I used to roam this street looking for drugs. And now I roam this neighborhood helping other people, get them out of addiction.”

He showed us a neighborhood in northwest Atlanta known as The Bluff, long notorious for crime and drugs.

It’s a place where Rancifer says he’s needed the most.

“Because I remember when it was me, and nobody would help me over here,” said Rancifer.

But last week there, while trying to deliver clothes and other supplies to the people there without homes and addicted to drugs, one of them carjacked him.

“The next thing I know he’s in my truck,” said Rancifer. “I hear the door slam and I jumped up on the running boards to try to stop him.”

Rancifer says he reached for the Taser stun gun he keeps in his SUV for safety, but dropped it accidentally.

“The next thing I know I’m dragging along the street beside the truck,” said Rancifer.

Soon after, paramedics arrived to help Rancifer. Somehow, he suffered only minor injuries.

According to the incident report we obtained from Atlanta police, police arrested the suspect, 56-year-old Christopher Nolan, the next day. That was after they say he tried to sell some of the stolen supplies from Rancifer’s SUV.

Those were the same supplies Rancifer intended on giving to homeless people.

Rancifer now has his SUV back. It’s restocked with supplies and Rancifer is back on the streets.

“I won’t let nothing keep me from the people I serve,” said Rancifer.

If you would like to help Racifer replace the items taken from his SUV, click here.