Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation to invest nearly $500k in grants to help end systemic racism

ATLANTA — The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation announced Thursday they will invest $470,000 in grants to help end systemic racism.

The grants will go to six Georgia organizations including the Southern Center for Human Rights, the NAACP Georgia, Color of Change, Movement for Black Lives, Blue Institute and Out of Hand Theater. The Montana Racial Equity Project will also get a grant.

The money in Georgia will be allocated as follows:

Southern Center for Human Rights: $150,000 to support stopping the spread of COVID-19 in correctional facilities and aid to youth in major Georgia cities.

NAACP Georgia: $100,000 to support police work for police reform.

Color of Change: $50,000 to support the #JusticeForAhmaud campaign.

Blue Institute: $25,000 to train young people of color for social justice training.

Out of Hand Theater: $20,000 to support the launch of the Equity Design & Innovation Institute to train people to become Equity Ambassadors.

“The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation and each of the Blank Family of Businesses recognize that dollars alone will not solve centuries of systemic racism,” officials said. “These financial investments represent an initial commitment to long-term, meaningful efforts to achieve a more equitable and just society.”