• Apartment complex without water, trash service for a week

    By: Amy Napier Viteri


    Neighbors at a DeKalb County apartment community have been without water for nearly a week due to a dispute between two property management companies.

    Helen Bielski told Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri she has no water in her Peachwood Circle apartment since Nelkin Realty, the company that owns neighboring apartments and controls the water meter, shut off water to her six-unit building.

    "We don't know when it's going to come on -- if it's going to come on. We have kids. My granddaughter's got diabetes," Bielski said.

    A company called Key Property Realty took over the building in September. Around the same time, neighbors said they received a letter from Nelkin Realty threatening to turn off water.

    According to a representative from Key Property, Nelkin is demanding a $2,500 payment for the previous owner's water bill. Key told Viteri no one has provided them with an actual bill, which technically they aren't obligated to pay.

    In the meantime, Bielski and her neighbors, many of whom are children, are caught in the middle.

    "It's just not right," said Bielski's daughter, Nicole, whose 10-year-old daughter suffers from Type 1 diabetes. "With her being sick. We need water."

    Neighbors have also watched their trash pile up. For more than a month there has been no trash removal and they're not sure when that will come either.

    Bielski told Viteri she can't afford to move, but doesn't know how long they can go on without water.

    "I am scared. I've been a nervous wreck. What are we going to do?" Bielski said.

    When Viteri contacted Nelkin Realty regarding the water shut-off, an employee told her they had no comment and said the property would need to get its own water meter.

    A representative from Key Property Realty told Viteri they were still in contact with Nelkin's attorneys in an attempt to get the matter resolved.

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