• Airport manager says security breach caught on camera is under investigation

    By: Aaron Diamant


    ATLANTA - The general manager of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is now reacting to a security breach caught on camera.

    Channel 2 Action News first aired the video on Monday. Tuesday, Channel 2 investigative reporter Aaron Diamant spoke exclusively with airport manager Louis Miller.

    The video, now getting national attention, shows a woman standing inside the airport's cellphone parking lot throw a seemingly full plastic bag, up and over the security fence to a worker waiting on the other side.

    When it gets stuck on the barbed wire, the worker climbs the fence to get it.

    "That didn't inspire confidence in the security of the airport," said witness Scott Gattis.

    Gattis shot the video last Saturday just a few feet from the runway before he boarded a flight to Tampa.

    "Something needs to change," Gattis told Diamant on Monday. "That could have been something dangerous and it's really putting everyone who flies at risk."

    Tuesday afternoon, Diamant tracked down Miller, who expressed his most serious concern.

    "Obviously the employee that was inside the airfield should not be allowing those kinds of things to happen," Miller said.

    Miller confirmed his investigators are still trying to identify the worker and the woman in the video.

    "It's going to take a while, but we're working on it," Miller explained. "We have our investigative group going into it and we're just going to study it as much as we can, use the film to look into it, time of day, there was a tug there, so you know what it was and to see what we can find out."


    The "tug" to which Miller referred is a Delta airlines luggage truck seen next to the man in the video.

    A Delta spokesman told Diamant the airline is also investigating the incident.

    Meanwhile, Miller said law enforcement will be looped in at some point.

    "[Our main goal] is to investigate that, get as much information as we can, try to find out what happen and then ensure that those things don't happen again in the future," Miller said.

    Miller also gave Diamant details on how his teams secure the airport's 26 miles of fence line.

    "We have several layers of security," Miller said. "It's huge. We have patrols on a regular basis, and we do watch everything we can. We have cameras involved in certain areas and so we do everything we can, everything possible to make this the safest, secure airport in the country."

    Channel 2 Action News will continue to track developments in this case.


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