94-year-old injured after stray bullet fired by people shooting at targets goes through window

CENTRE, Ala. (AP) — People shooting at targets in Alabama fired a stray bullet that passed through the window of a nearby home and wounded a 94-year-old woman inside, a sheriff said.

Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver said his office arrested four people on charges of second-degree assault because they were shooting guns into a wooded area without a proper backstop.

The injured woman was taken to a hospital and was expected to recover, Al.com and WTVM-TV reported.


The shooting happened Sunday afternoon in the county on the Alabama-Georgia state line. The sheriff said the four people charged were all from out of town and had bonded out of jail.

“People just don’t think,” Shaver said. “Just make sure if you’re going to target practice, you have a proper backstop or you could have unintended consequences.”