5-year-old boy calls father to say an unknown man shot his mother

EAST POINT, Ga. — Family and friends of 26-year old Tanasia Conwell held a prayer vigil to call for justice and find the person who killed her.

Conwell’s mother said she was a 26-year old mother of three. Channel 2 was the only channel at the vigil.

“If you know this man and sit around and don’t say anything, you’re a sucker like everyone else,” said a friend of Conwell.

Those were strong words from family and friends of Conwell, as they gathered for a celebration in her honor. Family members said she was shot and killed Friday night on Nabell Avenue in East Point.

“It’s hard to know that my baby was an innocent person and her life was taken at 26 years old. She didn’t deserve what happened to her,” said Arkebia Conwell, Tanasia’s mother.

Arkebia Conwell said Tanasia was a mother of three and was working for Amazon. She said her daughter had so much life to live.

“No parent should have to go through, what I’m going through right now, to have to bury my child,” said Arkebia Conwell.

Tanasia ‘Conwell’s grandmother, Felicia Thomas, recalled the moment she found out about the news.

“We wouldn’t have ever known that she had been shot, had it not been for her son. Her son is 5 years old. He picked up the cell phone and called his father and said, ‘daddy, that boy shot my mama,’” said Thomas.

Thomas said it’s just too much violence going on.

“The gun violence has to stop. Too many lives are being lost.”

Meanwhile, Tanasia’s family has this to say to her killer.

“You will receive justice. I’ve prayed on this and God is going to see to it that you will see justice and I pray that it’s swift,” said Thomas.