24-year-old's death ruled as homicide after fight with apartment security guard

ATLANTA — Family and friends are demanding action and answers after their loved one, a 24-year-old, died following a fight with a security guard.

The fight happened early Sunday morning at an apartment building near the Georgia State University campus.

It started when the victim, Deionte Davis – also referred to as Junior -- got in an argument with his friends, Ronald Myers and two others. Myers said they were headed to his seventh-floor unit at One12 Courtland Apartments.

“It was a minor argument among friends that was between us and it was handled between us," Myers said.

Myers said a security guard heard the commotion and followed the group into the elevator. Words were exchanged.

“And when we got off the elevator, Junior walked out of the elevator himself and he still tackled Junior. He still tackled him and then let him go,” Myers said.


Myers said video shows the security guard standing on top of his best friend, while another friend is trying to pick him up -- but it didn’t stop there.

According to multiple witnesses, the security guard continued following Davis.

“He tackled Junior in my room. I never said, ‘Come to my room,’” Myers said. “The guy was heavy. It didn’t matter what he did. Junior could not move. No matter why and that’s when he took his neck and he snapped his neck down.”

Myers said he and the security guard tried to perform CPR.

“We gave chest compressions. I thought I was keeping my friend alive,” Myers said.

Doctors pronounced Davis dead at the hospital. His death has been ruled as a homicide.

“I’m lost. I’m frustrated. I lost my one and only son, like, how else am I supposed to feel?” Davis' mother, Shaveeda Davis, said.

It's unclear if the security guard will face any charges.

The victim's mother said she trusts police will do their due diligence.

Channel 2's Michael Seiden reached out to apartment management and they referred him to their parent company, Asset Living. He also reached out to the company that employs the security guard, Metro Security Service.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover burial expenses.