• 200-pound pet pig rescued from manhole


    ATLANTA - Emergency crews rescued a 200-pound pet pig from a manhole Friday.

    The pig, named Rick Ross, fell inside the 10-foot manhole at Westview Drive and Agnes Jones Plaza on Wednesday.

    Latoria Middleton, the pig's owner, says for two days no one would help her get him out so she climbed inside and stayed with him.

    Firefighters arrived with the proper equipment Friday to free Rick Ross.

    Middleton says was more than happy emergency crews were able to finally pull him because at first she didn't think they could do it.

    “They were telling me no for so long that they wouldn't be able to do it,” Middleton said.

    She says the pig disappeared Wednesday night.

    We talked to her Friday while she was in the hole. She says her dog led her to the hole while she was looking for the lost pig.

    “I looked down here and there he was,” she said.

    Middleton says she began calling 911 and other agencies Thursday morning trying to get someone to come out. She says Atlanta fire told her no.

    “They told me they weren't properly equipped to help him,” she said.

    Middleton became so desperate she climbed in the manhole and called the media to get some attention to her plight.

    “If it wasn't for me calling the news and getting you guys out here, they would have never came,” she said.

    We asked firefighters about her claim they were initially reluctant to help.

    “I'm not aware of how long the pig was down in the hole. That's yet to be determined. I just know that when we got this call about the pig being in the hole we responded,” one fire official said.

    Middleton says this is no ordinary pet.

    “He's not. It's family. I've raised him. I've bottle fed him since he was a week old. I'm just so happy,” she said.

    The pet pig didn't appear to be harmed in any way.

    Middelton says Rick Ross is going to get his favorite treat after all this.

    “He's gonna get some Reese's Pieces,” she said.


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