2 men posing as Walmart employees try to steal $3k worth of merchandise, police say

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. — Two men dressed as as Walmart employees tried to steal at least $3,000 worth of merchandise from a Peachtree City store, police say.

Police say the men entered store along Georgia State Route 54 on June 29, went straight to the receiving dock and began loading pallets. They say the men loaded up more than $3,000 worth of big ticket items like computers, tvs and other electronics.

Channel 2's Lauren Pozen obtained photos of the men walking through the store taken by employees, who quickly realized they didn't recognize the men.

Lt. Odilia Bergh with the Peachtree City Police Department told Pozen a manager finally questioned one of the men, who continued to pose as a Walmart employee.

"He advised her he was picking up some merchandise for the Stockbridge store and his paperwork was at the front of the store," Lt. Bergh told Pozen.


Police said the manager told the man that wasn't the store's policy and continued to question him.

That's when police say the man left the back room and met up with the other suspect who also had a cart full of products.

The two men left empty-handed.

A U-Haul was parked beside the business.

Officials from Walmart said they are looking in to how the men got Walmart uniforms.

A Walmart spokesperson told Pozen safety is a top priority and they take protection of their assets seriously.

Police say if caught, the men will face felony shoplifting charges.

At least one shopper Pozen spoke to was impressed with the attempted scam.

"I’s wrong, but it’s slick at the same time," the shopper told Pozen. "I hate to say that. They let them walk out. That’s on them."