• 2 dead in Little Five Points shooting


    ATLANTA - Police are looking for leads in a deadly double-shooting in northeast Atlanta.

    Atlanta police say two men were shot and killed just before 3 a.m. Saturday.

    "They’re both white males, who appear to be in their early 30s,” Cpt. Michael O'Conner with the Atlanta Police Department said.

    Police identified one of the victims as 33-year-old Joseph Hruska, of Atlanta, Saturday. On Sunday, they identified the other victim as 32-year-old Chaitanyalila Kelsey.

    "So there's no one around at that hour except for employees and stragglers from the bars really," Regina Bowles, a local resident, said.

    Bowles told channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach she was not that surprised to learn of the double murder.

    She said she grew up in the area and that it is not a bad place, even if bad people come through the area.

    "The locals, we're all peaceful people,” she said. “We don't want drama, we don't want crime. We want our neighborhood to be safe."

    Police said they have no witnesses who saw the shooting, but an employee of the Vortex nearby heard the shots and went to investigate.

    The witness found the first man lying on the ground and called 911.

    When officers arrived, they said they found the body of the second man about 30 feet away.

    "I guess it was dark or they weren't looking for another person to be back there, didn't immediately notice the second victim," O’Conner said.

    Police are working to determine if the killings are connected to an armed robbery that happened about 10 minutes before, just over a mile to the north, in Virginia Highlands.

    That call came in right about the same time as the shooting, police said.

    "We are looking into all potential possibilities but I don't want to say it is connected to that robbery at this time," O'Conner said.

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