• 2 dead, 2 injured in Cobb County shooting


    AUSTELL, Ga. - Residents in one Cobb County neighborhood tried to save a man's life after they said he was shot and begged for help. Police have confirmed two people are dead and two others were injured in the shooting.
    The gunfire erupted around 6:20 p.m. Sunday along Cardell Road near Austell.
    "I heard one shot out here, neighbors down the street said there was about six or eight shots,” said witness Julia Biddy.
    The shootout involved at least five people.
    “The guy was on the car port of the house shooting at him,” Biddy said.
    And a black bag would become the focus of a getaway.
    "Then this gray Hyundai comes up and pulls up,” Biddy said. "’Give me that black bag, give me that black bag.’ He said, ‘That's my partner.’ He came out of the car he came and grab the bag."
    Biddy said the man in the car seemed more concerned about the bag than his partner who was lying on the driveway bleeding from a gunshot wound.
    "He was in pretty bad shape,” Biddy said. "’Can you please help me?’ I run towards him, ‘Put pressure, put pressure.’ ‘I'm putting pressure as hard as I can.’”
    Another resident, Elizabeth Rodriguez rushed to help. She said she was focused only on saving the man's life. She said the man asked her to pray for him.
    "’Please pray for me. What's your name? My name is Jordan. My name’s Jordan,’” Rodriguez recalled. "’I'm praying for you but I need you to keep talking to me. You'll be alright keep talking to me.’”
    Rodriguez said for all her effort, the injured man left with his partner and the black bag.
    K-9 units were searching for a one person who ran from the scene, but it's unclear if it was a suspect or a victim. Investigators said the man was wearing a gray hoodie and having long dreads.

    Police found the gun believed used in the shooting near the scene.

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