• Store owner, son capture 1 in jewelry theft attempt


    ALPHARETTA, Ga. - Police are still searching for a suspect after a robbery attempt at an Alpharetta jewelry store Tuesday night.

    It happened just after 5 p.m. at Sabri Guven Fine Jewelry on Haynes Bridge Road and Old Milton Parkway.

    Alpharetta police have been questioning one man and searching for another. Witnesses said the duo came for a big diamond ring, but left battered and empty handed.

    Sabri Guven is very proud of the fact a majority of the crooks who've tried to rob him over the years haven't gotten far, and Tuesday night was no exception.

    "We catch 90 percent," Sabri Guven said.

    "Every time we caught the guy, we never let them go," said Sabri's son, Tony Guven.

    The Guvens and Alpharetta police said two men walked into the store asking to see a diamond ring.

    "He pushed my dad down and he was trying to grab the diamond, and my dad ran after him and got him back down here," Tony Guven said.

    Tony said he jumped in when the man pulled a gun on his father and fired.

    "The shot just went up in the air?" Channel 2's Tony Thomas asked the younger Guven.

    "Yeah, it just went up that way. He was trying to point it at us and we grabbed him and just pushed the gun up in the air," Tony Guven said.

    Police said a customer also helped out. When the Channel 2 Action News crew arrived at the store, police were taking the one suspect to jail. Paramedics nearby were looking over those involved in the scuffle.

    "I think when I wrestled with the guy, I got a head butt probably," Sabri Guven said.

    And as the workers closed the store, putting the valuables in a safe, Alpharetta police continued their search for the suspect who ran.

    "We hope he gets his lesson and not be able to do it and hurt other(s). He's going to be caught no matter what. They have plenty of proof on him, so don't even try running or it will make it even worse," Sabri Guven said.

    When asked if they were worried the snatch-and-grab robbers were carrying guns, Tony Guven replied, "We're packing too."

    The Guvens said they still have the ring the robbers were after.

    Investigators have released only a vague description of the remaining robber, but said they have a lot of surveillance video to work from to help catch their guy.

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