Welcome to the world! Watch these baby tortoises crack out of their shells

WARM SPRINGS, Ga. — Several tortoises were welcomed into the world Tuesday after several eggs were saved and brought to a hatchery in West Georgia.

A biologist at the Warm Springs National Fish Hatchery captured the moments that several gopher tortoises started breaking through their eggs.


“The hatchery has incubators set up to hatch the eggs, as well as everything needed to head start the tortoises a couple of years after hatching,” the Georgia Department of Natural Resources said in a Facebook post. “Getting a head start on size greatly increases their chances of survival to adulthood, as predation is a big problem for hatchling tortoises.”

A total of five tortoises hatched Tuesday.

DNR said that the tortoises will eventually be released into some of the state’s wildlife management areas.