Invasive spider species building its nest across north Georgia

NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — If you see some yellow spiders in your neighbor’s yard, they might not be Halloween decorations. A new invasive species of spiders is making its home across north Georgia.

The Joro spider is quickly spreading throughout the state, and isn’t likely to head out anytime soon.

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The good news about these spiders that are native to Asia is that they eat stink bugs and yellow jackets. The bad news is there are a ton of them.

University of Georgia entomologist Dr. Will Hudson told Channel 2′s Christian Jennings that love them or hate them, they’re here to stay.

“I have killed way over 300 in my yard, and I’m not out of spiders by any means,” he said.


Joro spiders were first identified in Georgia seven years ago. Researchers believe they made their way over in a shipping container.

Some entomologists say the spiders help keep mosquitoes at bay, but Hudson isn’t so sure.

“I have never seen a mosquito in a Joro spider web. It doesn’t mean there hasn’t been, but in my yard, you’ve got plenty of mosquitoes and way more Joros than I want,” he said.

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Scientists say the spiders aren’t interested in biting people, but most people would rather admire them from a distance.

UGA scientists have not noticed any negative effects the spiders have on any native species. They also say that the explosive number of Joros will level off eventually.


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