This fun outdoor garden is one of north Georgia’s best hidden treasures

CALHOUN, Ga. — From castles to cathedrals, and even the Coliseum in Rome, you can take a stroll through an imaginary world as you wander through the Calhoun Rock Garden.

A little off the beaten path, the garden sits behind the Calhoun Seventh-day Adventist Church, located at 1411 Rome Rd. SW. in Calhoun.

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The garden was started in 2007 by DeWitt “Old Dog” Boyd, according to Atlas Obscura.

“The rock garden is a family endeavor and has been crafted by Boyd, his children, and their children,” the website says.

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“The Garden was created to promote community, provide a place of healing and respite and enjoy the beauty which God has created,” the garden’s Facebook page says.

Each structure is made out of pebbles and shells, and overlooks a small creek.

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Among the 50 structures throughout the garden, you can visit places like Notre Dame Cathedral, castles and small villages. You may even find little porcelain figurines throughout some of the structures.

The garden is open from dawn till dusk.

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When you get to the church, drive around to the back corner of the parking lot and you will see the small signs directing you to the garden. It is free to enter and any donations are greatly appreciated.

So if you’re driving through the area, make sure to stop by and check it out.