Metro shops and stores offering discounts to mask wearers

Metro shops and stores offering discounts to mask wearers

ATLANTA — Some metro area businesses are trying to encourage more of their customers to wear masks. They’ve come up with incentives.

Chip Simone doesn’t leave the house without it.  He says his favorite coffee shop has got his back.

“If more merchants did things like this, it probably would get more cooperation from the public,” Simone said.

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Some shops are offering customer discounts. 

A midtown Atlanta coffee shop offers a quarter off any purchase of a drink if patrons wear a mask. 


A receipt from a DeKalb County liquor store showed the customer saved $1.57 off a bottle of scotch, for wearing a mask inside the store.

The rules for mask-wearing vary greatly from state to state, city to city, corporation to corporation and merchant to merchant. 

It also varies from customer to customer. 

But Chip Simone believes his favorite coffee shop is onto something. 

“I think it’s a wonderful incentive. I think more people should be aware of it,” Simone said. 

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