Clark Howard

Channel 2′s Consumer Advisor Clark Howard shares health update after heart surgery

ATLANTA — Channel 2 Action News has wonderful news to share about Channel 2 Consumer Advisor Clark Howard’s recovery.

Clark is back after having heart surgery to repair a defective aortic valve.

His surgery was performed about a month ago and it was a success.

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Though Clark isn’t back to 100% yet, he is on his way.

One of the biggest changes he’s had to make is to his diet.

“I’ve really been through some adjustments. I’ve had to change how I eat and that’s been really hard for me because I grew up on the Southern diet,” he said. “Which if you’re not familiar with the Southern diet, it’s frozen, fast food, dessert, and microwave. And that’s pretty much what I ate,” Howard said. “Now I’m having to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, a lot more colorful foods, a more Mediterranean diet. I’ve learned to love fresh fish, grilled fish. So I’ve modified greatly how I eat. It’s made no difference how I feel but apparently, it’s better for me and I seem to be doing well.”

Other than altering his diet, the other big change since surgery is moving more.

“I am not as energetic as I was yet but I’m making progress and I’m averaging 18,000 steps a day because my surgeon told me the most important thing for me to do to speed my recovery in addition to eating better is to walk and walk and walk some more. So, I figured nine miles a day is a good number,” he said.

“How many steps were you averaging before?” Channel 2′s Investigative Reporter Justin Gray asked him.


“I was averaging about 14,000 before. I’ve always been into exercise and I can’t wait until I’m cleared to go back to yoga because pre-surgery I did yoga twice a week. And apparently, I won’t be cleared to do that for a few months,” Clark said. “But it’s great, I got a second chance at life and I’m going to make the most of it!”

Clark returned to the Channel 2 Action News studios Wednesday after being on medical leave for 27 days.

He said that’s the longest amount of time he’s been away from work since 1991.

“It was time to go back to work,” Clark laughed. “My wife was really ready for me to go back to work.”

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