New automated cameras will make school zone speeders pay in metro Atlanta

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — School zone speeders were caught going nearly 40 miles per hour over the speed limit in Gwinnett County.

Police say new automated cameras captured the drivers violating the speed limit.

Channel 2′s Tony Thomas looked into how these cameras are helping curb speeding drivers.

“It’s kind of scary,” Duluth resident Christine McLendon said.

Even with lights flashing and cameras recording, some drivers continue to fly right through school zones.

Despite concerns, cameras around Gwinnett County and in other metro school zones have been recording speeding drivers for months.

Cameras caught a car going 73 miles per hour in Lilburn on Killian Hill Road. Another truck was clocked at 74 miles per hour. All drivers caught on camera received either a warning or a citation.

Duluth police issue around 2,000 warnings in a month at just three schools. Tickets are now automatically being issued for anyone going 15 miles per hour over the limit when lights are flashing.

“I believe we will be getting a lot more influx of warnings and citations,” officer Ted Sadowski said.

Camera’s around Duluth Middle School just started a monthlong testing and warning phase this week.

The first speeding violation will cost $75 and increase after that.

The cities share some of the money from these fine with the company that runs the cameras.