• Atlanta Humane Society Home To Louisiana Dogs Rescued From Hoarder's House

    ATLANTA, Ga. - The Atlanta Humane Society is taking care of 40 dogs from Louisiana.

    The Atlanta agency agreed to pick up 35 dogs from the Louisiana SPCA. The SPCA rescued most of the dogs from a hoarder's house. Since the Louisiana shelter is making room to clean up animals coated in oil from the spill in the Gulf, they were looking for another agency to handle this group.

    "The dogs that we have that came in in that room were from the Louisiana SPCA," said Katie Black from the Atlanta Humane Society. "They had a hoarding case that they had to deal with, 70 animals were kept in one household. They called us in because they were pretty overwhelmed with the animals and needed help with getting some of them out of the shelter."

    The Louisiana SPCA is a partner shelter with the Atlanta Humane Society.

    "They had 70 from the hoarder case and we took 21 from the hoarder case to help them out," she said. "We also took some from their general public to help them with placing these animals."

    She said the Louisiana SPCA provided behavior testing and medical treatments before sending the animals to Georgia. Black noted the dogs were pretty healthy.

    Atlanta Humane Society workers left Louisiana with 35 dogs, but had 40 by the time they reached Georgia.

    "We were just on the drive home and turned around and saw puppies," Black said. "So, she actually gave birth to five puppies and she had them in three different states."

    The dogs could go up for adoption as early as Wednesday.

    AtlantaHumane.org hosts a live database of the pets they currently have up for adoption.

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