• Agents raid pain clinics believed to be 'pill mills'


    FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Two doctors are facing charges after being accused of running “pill mills.”

    The case involves multiple states, jurisdictions and arrests.

    Drug Enforcement Administration agents interviewed patients of the pain management clinic in Alpharetta to learn more about the alleged pill mill.

    Agents did not leave the patients leave for hours as they sat outside the clinic.

    “I see some people come in here, you have a lot of meth addicts and stuff, Sean Herrell said. “You can tell. I mean, you know how they look.”

    Dr. Oscar Stokes is facing federal drug conspiracy charges in connection with prescriptions written at that clinic.

    Herrell said he saw the doctor only once and he had been going to the clinic since May.

    “Even sometimes I knew just sitting there, like it was a matter of time,” he said.

    Another patient told Channel 2’s Rachel Stockman he saw people with Kentucky license plates going to the clinic.

    DEA agents also arrested Romie Roland in the case. Roland appeared in court Thursday. He faces federal charges for running an alleged pill mill called Atlanta Pain Rehab.

    Investigators said Anthony Licata is also a key player. Stockman interviewed Licata last year after a doctor at one of his clinics was arrested.

    “He basically went crazy,” Licata told Stockman.

    Licata since has been charged with the same federal charges.

    Both doctors Stokes and Roland have been released from jail on bond.

    The U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to comment on the cases. 

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