Six Flags announces 2 new rides coming to Atlanta park

Six Flags announces 2 new rides for 2020 season

AUSTELL, Ga. — Two ladies will take center stage at Six Flags Over Georgia when the park opens for the 2020 season. Today, the park announced two new rides for next year -- Catwoman Whip and Poison Ivy Toxic Twister.

The new attractions will be housed in the Gotham City section.

"Every year, Six Flags creates innovative, new ride experiences for thrill-seekers of all ages," said park President Dale Kaetzel. "Catwoman Whip and Poison Ivy Toxic Twister will be sensational new additions to our ride arsenal that features the biggest and best variety of rides in the region."

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Guests will soar seven stories high as they prepare for an adrenaline-charged flight on Catwoman Whip, featuring: 
• A super-sized wheel spinning horizontally as a giant arm lifts and tilts the wheel to a vertical position

• High-speed rotations that spin round and round, reaching heights of 67 feet in the air

• An exhilarating flight in 24 open-air seats with feet dangling below

Poison Ivy Toxic Twister sends 36 riders swirling on a dizzying journey, featuring: 
• A giant center arm rotating riders in pods as they experience centrifugal force

• Pods spin counter clockwise, while the ride turns in the opposite direction

• Riders in groups of three, all connected in 12 clusters, twisting and churning at high speeds