What's on new $26 massive 'Blooper Burger' at SunTrust Park?

Check out the new Blooper Burger served at SunTrust Park.

It's a new Braves' season, which means there are lots of new menu items to enjoy while at the ball park!

Access Atlanta caught up with Braves' CEO and President, Derek Schiller, who talked to us about all the new food items to expect when heading to SunTrust Park.

"We have a variety of things that are very culinary and chef-driven," Schiller explained.

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"An example of that is the best darn steak sandwich in baseball - which is a phenomenal heavily-loaded steak sandwich. But you can also have a variety of different things that are sharaeble, like a whole fried chicken with fries and coleslaw. Things like that," Schiller says.

From barbecue and wings, to a chicken and waffle boat and nachos, the menu items this year are quite tasty.

One item to be on the lookout for? The "Blooper Burger." Created by the Braves mascot Blooper himself, this gigantic burger masterpiece includes a jumbo hot dog, four cheeseburger patties, chicken tenders, tater tots, lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese and jalapenos. It's for sure a burger to be shared with the whole family.

The colossal-sized burger is sold outside Section 113 at SunTrust Park. The burger comes in at just $26 along with some popcorn on the side! Go Braves!