‘Friends’ experience brings popular show, props, sets to Atlanta

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — Walk inside Rachel’s and Monica’s New York apartment, sit in Joey’s and Chandler’s recliners and enjoy a coffee at Central Perk without leaving the Atlanta area thanks to a new “Friends” experience.

The One in Atlanta,” as it’s called, opened in July and will be here through September.

The interactive space features 12 nostalgia-packed rooms and activations, including the iconic “Friends” sofa, Central Perk, a breakdown of Rachel’s hairstyles over the years and more.

“We are excited to bring the “Friends” experience to Atlanta this summer, giving fans the unique opportunity to step inside the world of “Friends” and relive their favorite moments from the iconic series,” said Jonathan Mayers, Founder and CEO of Superfly X, the company behind the experience.

Walking through the experience takes about an hour and includes clips from the show, set recreations, props used during the show and photos from the cast and crew.

Tickets start at $32.50. The experience is expected to be in Atlanta until Sept. 26.


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