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Helping Mamas online wish list helps families during coronavirus outbreak

NORCROSS, Ga — Metro Atlanta’s baby supply bank is working to keep up with the growing diaper demand as local companies cut hours and jobs.

Helping Mamas provides essential baby items like diapers, formula and wipes for moms in need.

CEO and founder Jamie Lackey said stock is running low because of the coronavirus crisis.

“Our diaper wall, it has become pretty empty," Lackey said. "What we’re seeing is the need is going up, because obviously, families are home, they’re not working and they’re not able to afford diapers even more so now than normal.”

The nonprofit is taking extra health precautions by wiping down boxes and asking for prewrapped items.

“We’re asking our partner agencies to send us what they want and need and I pull those items and then I set them right outside the door. That way we’re reducing all person to person contact, but still serving our clients,” said Lackey.

With community drop off donations halted, Helping Mamas is asking supporters to buy items off their Amazon wish list.

“We want people to help stop the spread of this illness, but we also at the same time, want these women to be able to stay home with their children, worry free,” Lackey said.

You can check out Helping Mamas donation wish list here.