Barrow County students use 3D printers to create PPE for front-line workers

BARROW COUNTY, Ga — We’ve seen so many teachers going above and beyond to help kids succeed during this pandemic. Now students are stepping up to help too.

Kimberly Garren teaches at Winder-Barrow High School where she oversees the 3D printing lab.

“The whole idea is to introduce kids to problem solving and then have equipment and resources for them to actually make their solutions come to life,” said Garren.

Now, Garren and her colleagues are using the coronavirus crisis as a real-world, training ground for students.

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“A lot of them came up with designs for masks, shields, splitters for ventilators and things like that,” said Garren.

Lee Barnes, Director of Innovative Learning for Barrow County Schools, said they partnered with a local manufacturing company to print and deliver the equipment for local first responders and healthcare workers.

“What we’re building is a community that isn’t separate from the community, but its part of it. We’re building citizenship. We’re building responsibility,” said Barnes. “We’re not providing education for a student to use for themselves, but for the betterment of the world they live in.“

Equipment is donated at no cost, so donations are needed to print the students’ creations. Click here to donate.