University of Georgia

Once again, Uga is declared college football's top mascot

It's been said many times before, so 2019 should be no different. When it comes to college mascots none tops Georgia's Uga bulldog.

Sports Illustrated, which deemed Uga worthy of the cover in 1997, has proclaimed Uga X as the top dog:

Georgia's line of pure white English bulldogs, now on No. 10, has been a staple of the mascot landscape since 1956. Though every new dog is added to the "Uga" line — Uga X is the latest — each also has its own unique name, is given a custom-made jersey and a varsity letter, and resides in an air-conditioned on-field doghouse. When his day comes, each Uga is buried in a marble vault alongside his fallen predecessors outside the football stadium.

Uga X, known as "Que," has been Georgia's mascot since 2015. He's the latest in a line of dogs that dates back to 1956 when Uga I, "Hood's Ole Dan," first took the field for the home opener against Florida State.

The also-rans on Sports Illustrated's updated list include Oregon's duck Puddles, LSU's Mike the Tiger and Texas mascot Bevo, which had an issue with Uga during the Sugar Bowl in January.

Here's a look at the mascots who have shared the moniker of "Damn Good Dog:"

Uga I, 1956-66 - Made his first appearance in the 1956 home opener. He hid in the Sanford Stadium hedges before there was a dog house.

Uga II, 1966-72 - During his reign, Georgia played in five bowl games and won two SEC championships.

Uga III, 1972-80 - Appeared in six bowl games in nine years and closed out his career with Georgia's 1980 national championship.

Uga IV, 1981-89 - The first Georgia mascot to attend a bowl game every year of his service.

Uga V, 1990-99 - Appeared on 1997 Sports Illustrated cover declaring him the nation's best college mascot.

Uga VI, 1999-2008 - He reigned over more games (114) than any other mascot.

Uga VII, 2008-2009 - Reigned for one full season, that ended with a 24-12 win at the Capital One Bowl in Orlando.

Uga VIII, 2010-2011 - Served just six games before missing the bowl game after a diagnosis of lymphoma.

Uga IX, 2012-2015 - "Russ," the half-brother of Uga VII, served a full season with interim status until promoted in 2012.

Uga X, 2015-present - Known as "Que," he officially took over reins on Nov. 21, 2015.